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rise-maquette     a-thought
Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites



Diane was one of thirty artists selected for this 3D Printing Project see details here
Thanks to Exeter Phoenix, CALM and LIMA

Ten masks at different scales were printed in Nylon 12, allowing us to experiment with a range of base forms to support the masks. 3D printing enabled us to try out the various maquette ideas easily - some of the masks were painted.






The original mask was modelled in direct plaster and a thin tissue paper cast was taken from it, which is the version that was scanned and printed. Viewed from inside the mask the optical illusion is that the face projects forward. As demonstrated in the white mask shown here >















Also see the concave view in the gold mask on the right >

The Neoreplicants Exhibition at Exeter Phoenix, showed the thirty selected artists' 3D prints from 16th November 2012 until the 19th January 2013.

See an article about the show by Rachel Park, with slide show of the exhibition here









This is an image of the scanned mask made by Craig Davey from LIMA Bath University. Craig came to our studio to take the scan >




















The mesh view of the mask >


















Ed James from CALM, Exeter
University altered the scale of the masks
and nested several in preparation for the
3D printing.













Photoshopped images to show how our
sculpture would look in situ.

This was a hypothetical project made to
show how making 3D printed maquettes
would be useful in designing
alternative versions of a sculpture
for a site - we selected this building -
the Contemporary Jewish Museum, to set
our work against because of its dynamic
forms - when we work on real
commissions we always research the
site to make our work relevant.

Three quarter view of A Thought




3D Prints




























































Interior view of A Thought






















©Diane Gorvin Philip Bews 2013