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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites

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News 2011








Photo credit Paul Thomas Photographic Ltd



'Britool Bower' 2011/12

Designed for Showell Park, Wolverhampton for a housing development by Keepmoat Homes. Previously the site of a Britool Factory.

The sculpture was installed January 2012.

Click here for more information about this project
















'Dr. Salter's Daydream' 1990/91

Diane made this sculpture in 1990 and it was installed in a site next to Cherry Garden Pier, Bermondsey, London 1991. Later it was relocated near to the Angel Pub also next to the Thames. Sadly the figure of Dr. Salter was stolen in November 2011, probably for scrap. The other sculptures in the work - his daughter Joyce and her cat, were removed by Southwark Council for safe keeping.

A local campaign group has been set up to raise funds to replace Dr Salter.

Dr Salter features in the BBC programme The Secret History of Our Streets.













'Bursted Woods Sculpture Trail' 2011

Bursted Woods, Bexleyheath Funded by Playbuilders

Five 2m high Oak carved posts, and a shorter carved information post, all designed in response to our local researches, with community involvement of suggested themes.

This information inspired us to use bird and fruit forms, with references also to butterflies, referring to the fascinating butterfly farm that used to exist in Bexleyheath.

These are the main subjects, one per post : Parakeet;
Snail; Crow: Squirrel and Hedgehog

Additional creatures carved in relief on the posts are there to help the children with counting games, and to inspire them to recite well known poems and rhymes based on each animal. The brief words carved on the posts are clues to the next post.
The Parakeet is close to the open grassed area and we hope that children will use it as their ‘home base’ in games of tag.


Parakeet Sculpture in studio                    Parakeet installed in Bursted Woods
Dr.Salter sculpture before it was stolen - read more via this link













































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