Crow's Nest installed May 2016 in Wesley Square infront of Bicester Library. View more photos by clicking here.

May 2016

Upton Place Shoes Sculpture Trail

We started a community project at the end of May. Commissioned by Keepmoat Homes Ltd, we held workshops with students from Quinton House School and people on the Cobblers FC Outreach Programme from Northgate School and the Extra Time Group for the over fifties and also the Coalway Group in the artists studio. The concept entailed making shoes from wax on a variety of themes; those chosen by the participants were historical shoes; fantasy shoes; and favourite shoes.

The wax shoes made in the workshops will be cast into bronze by Castle Fine Art Foundry to create a subtle trail of small sculptures. These shoes will be permanently sited in September around the housing element of the new development in Upton, Northampton. Northampton is well known for its historical and current manufacturing of footwear. In the summer we will be designing a gateway sculpture for installation in August 2018. It will be sited by the commercial section of the development, on the main road leading to the housing in Upton Place.



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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites
























wax-shoe           bronze-shoe


News 2016
Echoing Walls was selected for the September Issue of the CODAworx online Magazine - Human Form
crow's-egg-lit    glass-crows-eggs  











March 2016

Hot glass crows eggs made for the Crow's Nest sculpture by Sonja Klingler
Single egg shown lit from underneath, two eggs shown in daylight.

Bronze shoe cast from the wax sample shoe and patinated green, rubbed back to reveal the gold on the detail.

Bell Crow at Castle Fine Art Foundry having been cast and welded to its perch and then patinated. The stainless
steel perch was fabricated by PJ Engineering


Diane's sample shoe in the wax.







March 2016

Mother Nature carving, commissioned by Southway Housing Trust, installed in Barnett Avenue, South Manchester.


























































April 2016

The Crow's Nest
This sculpture is due to be completed and installed by May.The crow and its nest will be made from scrap metal welded and galvanised - the nest will contain three solid blown glass eggs lit by solar lighting at night. The sculpture will be fixed to a gentlly curved oak obelisk with relief carvings of feathers on its surface.








©Diane Gorvin Philip Bews 2016












Phil ran workshops for schoolchildren from Old Moat School to carve nature themed relief's on Mother Nature's skirt. These photos of the workshop were taken by the children's teacher Faye Harrison.

February 2016

Bell Crow installed by Castle Fine Arts Foundry, New Bicester Library, Wesley Square


bell-crow-welded         bell-crow-patinated