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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites




December 2017

Settlement Sculptures

The Oak Horse for Banbury is developing well despite the snow! Due to be finished and sited January/February 2018








News 2017









December 2017

The fund raising for The Gift - Amy Walmsley and 100 years of the Women's Vote launched. Views of the wax maquette, visit the Website about the project to find out more www.thegiftsculpture.co.uk























December 2017

Coleford Public Art Competion

Spirit of the Forest was selected for Coleford after winning the public vote. Four proposals were on display in the Tourist Information Centre in Coleford during October and November.



















November 2017

Settlement Sculptures

Three bronze shoes - one for each of three Arches, the Arches and associated seating are the next phase of the project. Look out for them in the drawings on the project website www.settlementsculptures.co.uk . Shoes cast at Castle Fine Arts Foundry.

















October 2017

Settlements Sculptures

Salmon Relief made using clay in August, and cast in October at Jackson Fawkes Glass. This will feature in the Farmer Salmon Arch. Check out the slide show at the bottom of this page on the project's website - which shows the making of this element of the commission.


















October 2017

Concept to Creation featured in this month's CODAworx online magazine






September 2017

Our sculptures Inside Out and Regard shown in an exhibition at the Canwood Gallery








©Diane Gorvin Philip Bews 2017


















August 2017

Settlement Sculptures

Website for the project launched - showing designs, drawings - such as this design of a carved relief for a seat, and development of the sculptures illustrated in slides shows - www.settlementsculptures.co.uk

banbury relief
























August 2017

Diane shortlisted for a commission to create a 7ft high bronze sculpture of Amy Walmsley and to also commemorate a 100 years of the women's vote. Drawings from a site visit and research trip to Bedford Archive to view photographs of Amy Walmsley.


















August 2017

Carved Oak Station Master for Leeswood Avenue, Chorlton, Manchester installed - commissioned by Southway Housing Trust. Workshop with local residents to add brass detailing to the figure, creating a Steam Punk feel to the project. Phil was aided on site by Tracey Cartledge, Paul Wigley and their daughter Rosalind, Ros also added the key to the carved mouse emerging from the Station Master's coat pocket - making it
into an sculpture of a clockwork mouse!

























July 2017

Entered our proposal Spirit of the Forest for the Coleford Public Art Competition.








June 2017

Installed Phil's Balancing Man - carved pearwood figure on an Oak plinth with stainless steel fixings, private client, Bristol.








































May 2017

The bronze Shoes were installed in Upton, Northampton.

The project's website - www.shoesculptures.uk details the whole project, commissioned by Keepmoat Homes










April 2017

WW1 Tommy by Diane and Phil, and Romeo and Juliet made by Diane, for BBC's Father Brown series 6, episode 4 - The Angel of Mercy. Romeo and Juliet unfinished as the sculptor/actor was shown working on the sculpture.



























March 2017

Phil carved his Uncle Michael's Headstone during 2015 and finished it in July that year. It was installed later in 2015, but we only got to see it sited in 2017 when we went to pay our respects. Phil's Uncle was an architect and painter - he inspired Phil to make his first wood carving.
















January 2017

On a city break to catch some sculpture exhibitions, and check on the Deal Porters - sited in 1990 it had got very overgrown as can been seen in the first photo from 2015. We were delighted to see that the site around the sculpture had been cleared in 2016.























June 2017

Three plaster 'ugly' Hawks made by Diane for BBC's Father Brown series 6, episode 5 - The Face of the Enemy