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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites



January 2018

Settlement Sculptures

The Oak Horse for Banbury - the main structure finished.








News 2018































February 2018

The Horse's head unbolted and the stainless steel fixings inserted into the feet with bolts and resin, prior to the removal of the scaffolding.




















February 2018

Shell Seat Sculptures for Flaghead Chine, Poole

Three Shell Maquettes made by Phil in direct plaster for the Albion Stone Masons to work from. Phil usually carves the stone for our commissions but due to having plenty of work still to do for Settlement - sculptures for Banbury - we are having them made on Portland. Phil will supervise and carve some final details.

















March 2018

Trip to Poole taking the Shell maquettes, firstly to the clients - Environmental Services, Borough of Poole, to discuss and work out the layout for the sculptures, using the site model by Barbara Uphoff - Landscape Designer, with assistance from Reuben Hawkwood - Project Manager.

We then travelled to Portland to Albion Stone Quarry to discuss the next stage of making the shells and left the maquettes with them, to make
drawn templates from in the mould cutting room.



















March 2018

Spirit of the Forest

Coleford Town Council confirmed the go-ahead for P.J. Engineering to make a pattern from the Stag maquette, and to then fabricate a stainless steel maquette to fine-tune the design and aid costing of the full sized sculpture.











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