March 2019
Alley Cat sculpture of Czar patinated grey at
Castle Fine Arts Foundry Stroud by specialist patinator Phil.
The sculpture will be sited in Tewkesbury in May, a new addition for the Alley Cats Project.

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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites



January 2019

Surtr Flames Corten Steel flames with a brass sword and bronze mask of Surtr, a companion piece to The stone Ymir that Phil carved many years ago for Grosvenor Park, Chester. This image shows the site with the maquette photoshopped insitu, and also the wax mask photoshopped onto the maquette. Commissioned by Cheshire West and Chester City Council.








News 2019
































January 2019

Photo selected for Shadows Exhibition held in Rome for Loosen Art during January.




















January 2019

The Surtr Mask was modelled in clay by Diane, and the silicone mould undertaken by sculptor Dorota
Rapacz - she used to work for a bronze foundry and also makes moulds for other sculptors. See her own work and contact details on the farOpen website.

















January 2019

Diane made a plaster jacket for the mould and painted the wax into the mould for the Surtr mask - these images show the resulting wax mask before it was taken to Castle Fine Arts Foundry - Stroud, to be cast into bronze.


















February 2019

Czar the Three Legged Sculptors' Cat has been cast into bronze and is awaiting patination at Castle Fine Arts Foundry, Stroud.











March 2019
Patination of the Surtr Mask by Phil who works at Castle Fine Arts Foundry Stroud.


March 2019
Working on ideas for Margaret of Anjou. Head based on a medal portrait of Margaret by Pietro da Milano which is in the V & A.










































































April 2019
Surtr Flames shown here
completed by Ben Collins at PJ Engineering, Coleford. The fabricators used Corten+ to accelerate the rust process - a safe and fast process. Snow fell during the morning that Surtr Flames was loaded up by Damon Bramley - Sculpture Transport and Installation.


April 2019
Phil and Damon sited Surtr Flames in Grosvenor Park, Chester.


































May 2019

The Czar sculpture is now permanently sited by the River Avon. The sculpture is part of the Project Alleycats Trail in Tewkesbury.





























































































© Diane Gorvin and Philip Bews 2019