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Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites



January 2023

Work in progress, Phil fixing the oak circle for the glass salmon relief - Settlement Sculptures. The Oak Circle was made by Peter Chamberlain - furniture designer/maker and sculptor.








News 2023


























February 2023

Bournemouth Sympony Orchestra Relief Sculpture

During March and February Diane put up images of her first public sculpture made in 1976/77 and sited on the wall of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's stairwell leading to their offices in the Lighthouse, Poole's Arts Venue. Anthony Brown, the BSO's Head of Marketing, then put up an article about it on their website, click here to view.






















March 2023

Whilst searching out images for instagram postings for the BSO project, Diane found many drawings - studies of the orchestra that Diane made in 1976/77 when she was 20/21.



January 2023

Diane's Cool Cats bone china mugs with images of her scuplures of our cats Juno and Czar.








































March 2023

Phil lifted the 2nd Settlement Arch to continue work on carving details.


















April 2023

Phil's Deal Porters Sculpture at Canada Water, London, was removed and will be cleaned and refurbished to be replaced in December at the same site. There will be a new walkway near the sculpture, that runs across Canada Water.
















April 2023

Maquettes for Margaret of Anjou - One a mix of Phil's woodwork and 3D printed elements of Diane's work, the other a totally 3D printed version. Made at the Innovation Hub in The Main Place - Coleford's Library with a lot of assistance from Seth Fright.




© Diane Gorvin and Philip Bews 2023

June 2023

Progress of part of the Arch 2 Farmer Salmon Sculpture of Settlement Sculptures. Phil making supports.


margaret-of -anjou-maquette

May 2023

Project called Kindred Cones also made at the Innovation Hub with a lot of assistance from Seth Fright in scanning, working in blender and 3D printing.

Interested in eventually making Cone Homes/shelters/large sculptures.










































June 2023

Settlement Sculptures selected for the June Issue of CODAmagazine - Living Form, click here to view.



June 2023

Phil lifted the sheep into the trailer for Arch 2 of Settlement Sculptures ready to go Noxon Farm to be fitted to the Arch/Seat structure.