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Abingdon A
Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites


Abingdon A

Neave Mews, Abingdon
Commissioned by Lovell and Vale of the White Horse District Council

Materials - Portland stone, oak, cast glass, bronze and LED lighting. The 3.7m high sculptural Portland stone ‘A’ was cut at Stone Firms Quarry to Phil’s detailed design. It is topped with glass shell finials, the wax originals by Diane were cast by Jackson Fawkes. The flowing space between the stone pillars represents the river Thames and is lit by a blue light at night. The Dean Oak seating made by Phil follows the curved edge of an 8m diameter paved area, Phil also drew up the landscape design. There are several circular reliefs based on themes relevant to the site, such as a Saxon brooch which was found in excavations. Phil and Debbie Hughes carved the stone reliefs.

Viewed from their north side, the stone forms suggest two figures, and each has a bronze face recessed near the apex. They represent Hean and Cilla - the brother and sister who founded the Abbey. The originals were made in wax by Diane and cast by Castle Fine Arts Foundry, their niches were also carved by Diane. The lettering by Giles McDonald provides continuity with his separate lettering commissions on site.

© Diane Gorvin Philip Bews 2013