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Photo credit Alisdair McBroom
Imagined Landscapes, Belfast
Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites


Imagined Landscapes

Brain Injury Unit, Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Commissioned by Green Park Health Care Trust

Materials - oak, cast glass, galvanized steel, LED lighting, bamboo. A series of overlapping 2m high screens, comprising sculptural low reliefs constructed from vertical carved oak boards, glass cast by
Jackson Fawkes, and flanked by a third element - clumps of growing bamboo.

The imagery carved on both sides of the screens and seen in the modelled sections of cast glass were based on workshops, talks with the clients and staff, and our own research drawing and photographing in Belfast, the north coast and Donegal.

Paul Wigley assisted Phil in the construction pf the screens, sculptor Sandra Nuin Fernandez from Spain carved some of the detail on the screens and Chris Butler, Castle Fine Arts Foundry transported and installed the work with Phil.


© Diane Gorvin Philip Bews 2020