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Ymir, Grosvenor Park, Chester

Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites


Ymir - Source of the World

Garden designed for people with a visual impairment, Grosvenor Park, Chester. Commissioned by Cheshire County Council and The Chester Civic Trust and part funded by Chester City Council and Manweb Plc

Ymir is a tactile sculpture carved from a block of Portland stone, height 95cms.

The title comes from a Nordic creation myth. The design of the carving was influenced by the comments of a group of people with visual impairments, who were able to feel a range of sculpture during a day spent with Phil and Diane at Norton Priory Museum and other sites. They also commentated on the maquettte and influenced the design further.

After a few years the sculpture was resited in the park and we were commissioned to make a companion piece Surtr Flames.

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