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Settlement Sculptures, Hanwell View, Banbury


Philip Bews Diane Gorvin
Sculpture for public sites


Settlement Sculptures - a Horse and three Arches

Hanwell View, Banbury,
Commissioned by Bellway Homes and Cherwell District Council


This page shows the first two sculptures of four made for the Bellway Homes Development at Hanwell View. With a drawing of the 2nd Arch and the glass relief which has already been made for it.

The site where the sculptures are placed used to be a deserted medieval village.

The horse was the means of transport in medieval times and the sculpture is the focal point for the project.

The Medieval Arch is the first of three arches and features a Medieval Widow and her Banbury produce. Click on the www.settlementsculptures website for more information about the project with slide shows of the development of these first two sculptures.

Thanks to Paula Bailey, Arts Officer for Cherwell District Council, for the photo of Arch 1 without the protective fencing.


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